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Success Stories Pt 3

Shelley F. writes:

          Shelly F.

I have improved my grades on the test dramatically. I went from a 50 on a test to a 90 the next week. Although last week I made a 65, I have still improved my average drastically. I changed my study habits by highlighting the answers to the questions and also reading the whole chapter twice and emphasizing on the highlighted parts. I use to just highlight and read the highlighted part and not read the whole chapter.

Travaun H. writes:

The method I used for improving my grade was quite simple. I read the chapter like it was a book and then later went back to highlight and answer the questions. I would divide the chapter in half, reading one part by Wednesday, and the other by Thursday. This method worked for me; maybe it will work for you.

Nathan S. writes

In the beginning of this semester when I started this course I knew that I would enjoy the subject matter, but I was worried about how I would obtain the grade that I wanted in this course. It has been a whole year since I have attempted to further my education.

Being a particularly slow reader, I was not happy when I saw how much material we were supposed to learn each week. I scored 75% on the first two quizzes. After that my grades in this class have shot up. This is not due to any pattern shifting that I myself invented and initiated. The secret for me was to pay close attention to what I was reading exactly the way my chapters were instructing me to do. I feel like I am not reading an intro to psychology textbook. I feel like I am reading an instruction book on how to make an A in this class and any other that involves a lot of reading. By paying attention to the advice given in the book, I have learned to study in a particular way.

First of all I evaluate what kind of mood I am in, to figure out how big of chunks to absorb at a time. Generally if I am feeling sluggish I read 5-7 pages at a time and after I do that I get up and walk around for a couple of minutes. At the end of each subsection in the chapter I read the summary and then go back and start answering the study questions. In this manner I hack away at a chapter. Generally by the end of the chapter I am very familiar with the information I need to know.

The night before I take the quiz I make sure I get at least 6 hours of sleep, and then the next morning before I actually take my quiz I spend a hour to 45 minutes to review the things I highlighted. The funny thing is: my last three scores have been 95, 90, and 95. But this learning style is not just helping me in Psychology. I have scored two A's on my Econ test and two B's on my Government test this year. To some people it might sound like I am just a good student, and maybe I am learning to be, but I graduated from high school at the bottom 10% of my class with a 1.6.

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